Chet Faker - Gold from Hiro Murai on Vimeo.

Candice Heiden
April Corley
Appleusa McGlynn

dir Hiro Murai
prod Kimberly Stuckwisch
dp Larkin Seiple
choreographer: Ryan Heffington
AD: Jamar Hawkins
gaffer: Matt Ardine
prod design: Maxwell Orgell
PM: Sara Eric Lacombe
wardrobe: Elise Velasco and Chris Velasco
color: Ricky @ MPC
ep Danielle Hinde @ Doomsday Ent

Analog Motorcycles - Indian Continental Scout from Grant Schwingle on Vimeo.

Shot on northeastern Illinois country back roads for the release of Analog Motorcycles’ newest creation, the Indian Continental Scout. A completely custom designed and fabricated motorcycle in the vein of a replica racer, featuring an original but hand built 1949 Indian motor and a Track Master frame.

Thanks to Doug McGoldrick @ for driving for the rolling shots.

Shot using Nikon D600, Nikon 24-120 F3.5-5.6, and Nikon 50mm F1.4 AF-D.
Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Music: Hourvari “I”

Video by Whiplash Racing Media - a division of Granted Photo »

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Singapore 2013 from Juffrie Friday on Vimeo.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, founded by the Sydney Cafe Racers, is an event that takes place in 38 countries around the world. There are over 145 rides and over 7000 participants. The event is about dapper and classic styled motorcycles and scooters. It is an event for Cafe Racers, Custom Bobbers, Classics, Modern Classics and Classic Scooters.

The Singapore Edition of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2013 is organised by Custom Burner and Motorwerks. Visit the website of the official Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride at

Directed and Edited by Juffrie Friday
Produced by Juffrie Friday and Juan Qi An
Juan Qi An | Shawn Chen | Ivan Chong | Juffrie Friday | Elliot Sng | N.Ziqq
Special Thanks
Ong Tze Ni | Dhany Osman | Nicole Watt | Wallace Woon | Amran Zanis | N.Ziqq | Ridzuan Kamsani
あなたのそばが by The Summers (Japan)
Each and Every Flower by Grace Lee & The Stylers (Singapore)
Youth of Gold by The Pinholes (Singapore)
Dinner & Dance by The Nerves (Singapore)

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Singapore from Juffrie Friday on Vimeo.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an event for Cafe Racers, Bobber, Flat Tracker, Retro, Classic, Quirky Motorcycles and their owners. It is a worldwide event taking place on the same day in each respective time zone. It is a day where no matter what your work/social/life status may be everyone is equally distinguished. The link that brings the world together on this day are these two/three words ‘Distinguished’ & ‘Cafe Racers’.

On September 30th, distinguished gentlemen across the world gathered together to ride their motorcycles. 108 bike turned up for the Singapore’s ride.

Organiser | Custom Burner
Official Media | Plussixfive

Cinematographer | Juffrie
Cam Operators | Elliot Sng | Muhd Fadhli | Juffrie
Cam Assist | N.Ziqq
Producer | Paul Ong
Editor | Juffrie
Motion Graphic | Marcus Chong
Music | The Black Keys

BMW Cafe Racer #4 from Carlos Faustino on Vimeo.

Built by ThyrsoMotorcycles @
Owner - Filipe

Canon 550D + 50mm Pentacon f/1.8
Magic Bullet Looks

Filmed and Edited by MotorsportVideography @

Iron and Resin at the Cafe Racer UK from klemenjero on Vimeo.

Iron and Resin at the Cafe Racer UK,
video by Elijah Yerin;

Bonita ~ Cafe Racer motorbike video from kazumichi (Toby Grime) on Vimeo.

Little video of a beautiful rebuilt old school motorbike.
Honda 1971 CB450 “Bonita Applebum”.
More info on the bike can be found here which is where the video is hosted.

I shot with a Canon 5d mkII and 550d using 50mm f1.4 and 30mm f1.4 lenses.
Used Super Flat profile, graded & post in After Effects.
Some location sound was captured on a Tascam DR1 and on camera.
The song is “Some Kinda Love” by The Velvet Underground.

1966 Ride for your life- original Cafe racer from ThinkJarCollective on Vimeo.

Clip from a great little 1966 documentary on Canadian cafe racer Mike Duff.
NFB film scene

CAFE RACER project from Joshua VP on Vimeo.

Cafe Racer project….

See more of my work here:

PMI “Cafe Racer” from Mark Wilenkin on Vimeo.

PMI “Cafe Racer”
Director/Cameraman: Paul Cameron
Final Colorist/ Finishing: Mark Wilenkin
Editor: Tim Wheeler
Second Unit: Dana Gonzales
Production Company: NATIVE LA
EP: Tomer DeVito
Shot Fall 2012 somewhere in California

Cafe Racer 351 - Art&Moto 2013 from hellomovement on Vimeo.

Just to show what we do with our “Quality Time”… ;)
Thanks to “Cafe Racer 351” for this great event.
Thanks to Miss LAva for this great music track!!!

Vrummm vrummmm
See you in the next mile

Cafe Racer from Michael Sproehnle on Vimeo.

My friend Forrest Huisman tell’s the story behind building his 1970 CL450.
I would like to thank:
Matthew Chappell with Orbital Design Lab
Forrest Huisman
Spin Cycle Industries

Cafe Racers Japan from Christopher Andrew Cooke on Vimeo.

Cafe Racers Japan is a short documentary film exploring a day in the life of Tokyo’s cafe racer scene
combining interviews, visual imagery and music to create a unique and different approach.